Harley-Davidson Might Build a Sportbike. Could This Be What It’ll Look Like?

This seems more than just a design feature

The Milwaukee brand made a patent last year for a fairing design. This year we’re expecting the launch of the Bronx 975 streetfighter. And now a sports bike sketch that resembles the design of the patent. Harley-Davidson could be working on a sports bike. Here’s the story.

Harley-Davidson could be building a sportbike. According to RideApart and Young Machine, we might be looking at a front faired sport model.

Harley Davidson sportsbike(1)

It looks futuristic and probably hard to believe that this design will ever see the light of day, but Harley-Davidson received a patent for a fairing design back in October 2019. So, the motorcycle we’re seeing in the picture could be the American’s brand vision of a sports bike.

harley patent 01

This year, Harley-Davidson will launch two new models for the adventure and streetfighter segments – the Pan America and the Bronx 975.

maxresdefault (1)

Development details

Moving further, there is a detail that caught our attention. In the second picture, we can see a design sketch near the clay model of the Bronx 975 streetfighter and its picture.

harley davidson bubble fairing patent 03

And the sports bike design looks similar to the bubble front fairing in Harley-Davidson’s patent and the main sketch.

harley davidson bubble fairing patent 04

Thus, the American Brand could be building a sports bike with design features similar to the one in the main picture.

harley davidson bubble fairing patent

The Bronx 975

The streetfighter from Milwaukee will be fitted with a water-cooled 975cc V-twin making over 115 hp and 95 Nm of torque. It’ll be also fitted with an upside-down fork and a braking system with radial callipers.

The VR1000

Harley-Davidson is not on its first attempt to build a sportbike. Back in 1994, the manufacturer introduced the VR1000 model.

It was a sportbike fitted with a liquid-cooled 996cc 60º V-twin engine making 135 hp @ 10,000 rpm. Other features included quad cams (double overhead per cylinder), four valves per cylinder, Weber fuel injection and an alloy perimeter frame.

1994 harley davidson vr1000 30854 1

The suspension was provided Öhlins with a fully adjustable racing fork and by Penske that fitted a monoshock on the rear. The swingarm was also made from alloy and all the bodywork was made from carbon fibre.

The goal was to race the bike in the AMA Superbike series. Unfortunately, it took too long for Harley-Davidson to develop the VR1000 model from 1986 up to 1994 when it was raced for the first time because the competition was too far ahead and the Milwaukee brand had to cancel the project in 2001. Only 50 units were made.


The 2019 global sales

2019 was Harley-Davidson’s worst year for sales in this decade. Only 218,400 units sold, down 4.6% from the previous year. Considering these facts, a sports bike model might help boost sales. 

So, could Harley’s sportbike be a faired and more powerful version of the Bronx 975 streetfighter? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Young Machine, RideApart

Harley Davidson sportsbike(1)

harley davidson streetfighter 975

harley davidson pan america saut_hd

20 future vehicle pan america hero mobile

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