Harley-Davidson Playing Jokes on Indian

Harley-Davidson playing jokes on Indian 1

The American Brand made a response to Indian’s former marketing campaign

The rivalry between Harley-Davidson and Indian just went to a new level. The American brand is looking to throw some shade on to its competitor, Indian. Which brand would you pick as a winner?

UPDATE: Check out Indian's response to Harley-Davidson advertising in our story on Indian Strikes Back: “Our bikes are braking better than Harley-Davidsons” 

The US motorcycle brand just made an aggressive advertising add on social media targeting its competitor, Indian. The message is straight forward as we can see in the picture.

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It’s not every day we get to see two big motorcycle brands go head to head so directly, but Harley-Davidson seems not to hold anything back.

It all started with Indian and their marketing campaign for the Indian Challenger which is the brand’s new bagger model. In their add, Indian put the 122 hp v-twin engine against the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special.


They made some videos and offered to compare the two bikes in a test ride at Indian dealerships.

As a response, Harley Davidson stated in their new marketing campaign that they’ve been building riders for over 115 years, category-defining motorcycles and that they’ve been carrying Indian’s weight for a long time, to name a few. So, could this mean that this marketing campaign on social media is just the start?


Well, we’ll have to wait and see, but the US motorcycle market is in decline, v-twin sales decrease year by year and Indian most likely wants a share of the market. So, things could continue as far as the marketing campaigns go. 

Harley-Davidson is making efforts to launch new models on new segments such as electric and adventure motorcycles segments and with their new marketing campaign, we could expect a response from Indian in the next weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson Playing Jokes on Indian

  1. I just bought a new Indian. I have six Harley’s currently, love them all. I bought the Indian because it’s retro, it’s a Vintage, comfortable, incredibly smooth, and ten grand less than a Harley with comparable options. It’s still snow season but I’m really looking forward to riding season. The quality looks good and it is more comfortable but time will tell. I’m 62 and have been riding for 45 years. I’ve only owned Harley’s and original Indians.

  2. Well if they are going to be competitive and market is shrinking. How come the prices keep going up.
    How about some price concessions

  3. Made this choice this year! ?

    Does the Indian have a awesome spec sheet? Yes
    The suspension, brakes, engine very nice!
    Sound and Dealer network not so nice

    The engine and sound of the Harley, music to my ears, the ride and the way it feels while riding you are one with the machine. Are there better handling bikes, you bet, faster bikes, hell ya, cheaper bikes yes! But nothing stirs the soul and makes you yearn for the open road like a Harley.

  4. Half the fun of riding a Harley is the sound it makes. No other bike does it. I’ll take a Harley any day over anything else. If I decide I want something smooth, quiet and powerful, I’ll buy a Honda Goldwing. I don’t care what kind of pipes you put on an Indian, it still won’t sound like a Harley. And for the record I have nothing against Indians.

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