Honda Announces Android Auto Integration for Gold Wing Series

Honda Announces Android Auto Integration for Gold Wing Series 1

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing was the first (and only, until now), motorcycle in the world to feature Apple CarPlay. Integrating the Android auto technology was just a signing papers matter. 

At no additional cost, customers with Android 5.0 or later smartphones and the Android Auto app will be able to seamlessly enjoy application services such as music, phone calls and messaging. When utilizing it while riding a Gold Wing, connection with a Bluetooth® headset (sold separately) will also be required. App and communication costs may apply. The method to update software is planned to be available in mid-June, 2020.

The info was announced by Honda America, but we don’t see why the feature wouldn’t be available to Europe. 

The next step would be bringing the Android auto feature on Africa Twin, too. Since the contract between Honda and the tech company is already signed, probably it’s just a matter of time until the announcement will be made. 

What’s so cool with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto? You can mirror your smartphone’s dash right on the motorcycle dash, so you don’t need to use a smartphone cradle on the bike anymore when using the navigation. 

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  1. It isbessential to implement both UI s in all motorcycles since the market is divided. Whichever company ignores that is loosing custom and sales which nowadays are very important. I am willing to invest 18.5 k euros on the new Africa Twin 1100L but will not untill android is enabled.

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