Honda CB4X Concept Is Getting Closer to Series Production

Honda CB4X Concept is getting Closer to Series Production 1

Honda files patent for four-cylinder sport-touring bike derived from the CB650R

It seems that the CB4X Concept we admired at EICMA last year is not just a design study. Probably the good feedback convinced the guys at Honda to take one step further in the developing process of the new CB4X sports-tourer. 

It’s obvious that Honda doesn’t have a bike to fit the sport-touring class nowadays. The VFR800X is quite old, and besides this, there’s no other bike to compete with models such as the Yamaha Tracer 700. 

The patent design looks very similar to what we saw in November 2019 at EICMA – upright, high riding position, wide handlebar, an adjustable screen and the CB650R engine – the iconic exhaust pipes are the proof that we’re talking about the CB650. 

If getting to the series production, it will probably develop around 95 horsepower and cost around 9.000-9.500 euros. So the market position will be somewhere between the Tracer 700 and the BMW F900XR/ Tracer 900. 




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2 thoughts on “Honda CB4X Concept Is Getting Closer to Series Production

  1. Hi Christian
    Any idea or information about the seat height?
    Im 5,2 ( 158 cm) riding tracer 700 and wonder
    If the cb4x will be taller ( i hope not ).

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