Honda City Adventure Concept – ADV Scooter

Honda City Adventure Concept – ADV Scooter 1

Honda revealed an adventure… scooter. It’s just a concept for now, but “indicates a new development direction for adventure focused machines,” says Honda.

So, will the adventure-focused machines turn into scooters or the scoots will become adventure vehicles? Well, it’s hard to say it but one thing is clear: that concept scooter looks good. 

It seems to be based on a Forza 125-like scooter, but with Africa-Twin-like technology. We have laced rims (tubeless, we hope), Brembo Dual-Caliper Brakes, a high-spec suspension and a premium look. Moreover, the exhaust is pointed upwards, and it shares the same design with the Africa Twin. 

The windscreen is height-adjustable.  

Honda City Adventure Concept was revealed at EICMA – Milan 2015 among two other good-looking concept-bikes: CBSix50 and CB4 – one of them is a cruiser while the other one is an urban-focused naked. 

Right now, Honda has 14 scooters in the range, from its 50 cc Vision series to SW-T600 touring machine and Integra.

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