Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 Go Off-Road

Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 go off-road 1

Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 owners rejoice, as the all-new Shinko tires will make off-roading easy for you!

There are rather few riders who haven’t tasted the bitter-sweet taste of off-roading regardless of what motorcycles they were riding, but such an experience is often way less rewarding than it might seem. Especially when the going gets tough in a wet way, with muck sticking to their road tires and making advance a truly exhausting task…

Howerver, Japanese manufacturers Shinko has been gving a lot of thought to this and now reveals a new off-road tire dedicated to those who ride some of the industry’s smallest bikes, the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125. Despite being small, these machines are exceptional fun for daily commuting and city slicing, but when it comes to taking a trip outside the town, things can become complicated.

Well, no more sobbing, as the Shinko Mobber tires are here to help. These new tires come with the DOT seal of approval, and this means they are street-legal. However, these tires are a full-blown off-road treat for your bike, boasting excellent traction on rough terrain, wet grass, gravel, mud and whatnot.

Shinko’s Mobber tires are available in sizes 120/70-12 for the front and 130/70-12 for the rear, and we just might get to see the family expand. If you thought that the day to shoe your Grom or Z125 with TKC80-like rubber would never come, here’s Shinko offering you a nice shot at off-road glory in spite of the diminutive size of your bikes.

Shinko Mobber

– Tread designed for hard terrain

– Featuring a high carbon compound tread design

– Maximizing tread wear and minimizing tread knob tear/wear

– Offering great traction, braking and overall stability for enhanced control

– Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking while providing consistent grip

– DOT Approved

Just remember that these tires are “not recommended for extensive on-road commuting or prolonged highway use.” Both the front and rear will set you back less than $50 a pop, so there’s no reason to skip your next Grom or Z125 adventure now.

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