Honda Rebel 1100 Project Targets Harley-Davidson

Honda Rebel 1100 Project Targets Harley-Davidson 1

Honda is working on a larger displacement version of their Rebel model according to MCN. It could be based on the Africa Twin platform. In the current model range, the Rebel has a 500cc engine and the bigger version is aiming at the cruiser segment dominated by Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The new bike will probably be named Rebel 1100 and it’ll be fitted with the 1,082cc parallel twin from the Africa Twin. Moreover, if Honda decides to keep the current output of the engine, the power delivery could increase to 100hp from the current 45hp of the Rebel 500. Most likely, the engine will be retuned to offer more torque in the lower and mid-range level.

Screen Shot 2020 04 14 at 8.52.47 AM.png

It’ll be interesting to see if the Japanese brand will see fit to equip the Rebel 1100 with the Direct Clutch Transmission (DCT). Also, the new bike could receive an improved electronics package featuring new riding modes, cornering ABS, and lean-sensitive traction control. Other features could include ride by wire, self-cancelling indicators, keyless ignition, and cruise control. 

Of course, with fitting the new 1,082cc parallel-twin engine, the bike will need a new frame design, probably with a more upright stance. It will be interesting to see what accessories Honda will offer for its new Rebel 1100 and of course, we’re curious to see the starting price for the new Japanese cruiser.

2 thoughts on “Honda Rebel 1100 Project Targets Harley-Davidson

  1. I want to see this:

    Honda Rebel 1100, with MANUAL transmission.
    I need to be able to rev the engine, if I need to.

    Then, I would also expect it to feature Honda’s usual glass-smoothness.
    Or, at least, since it’s a twin, then, I would expect its reliability.
    I saw mention of cruise contrl. Good.


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