Honda Rebel Aviator Nation – the Rebel We Always Wanted

70’s vibe Limited Edition

Aviator Nation’s signature 4 stripes painted on Honda Rebel’s fuel tank. Hand-stitched retro brown leather seat in contrast to the black, glossy fenders. A minimalist tail-light and caged head-lamp. It’s a good-looking little bike. 

I started to like the new Rebel since the moment I saw it. But it always seemed to me that it’s too grey and dark for such a young-spirited motorcycle. But the Aviator Nation edition brights the things up. 

The limited edition was revealed at the SXSW festival by Aviator Nation’s founder Paige Mycoskie, who lent the 70s Californian vibes to Honda’s new Y Generation cruiser. 

The Aviation Nation Honda Rebel will be available for purchase in Aviator Nation flagship stores in June 2017. 

Honda Rebel Aviator Nation

031517 Honda Rebel Aviator Nation 02 633x389

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