Honda’s Neo Sports Café Machines Look Sassy, Middleweights Expected to Join the Class

Honda’s Neo Sports Café machines look sassy, middleweights expected to join the class 1

Honda makes solid use of the powerful vibe in their Neo Sports Café design language and we expect their middleweight machines to join the family as well

We spotted three neat Neo Sports Café bikes on Honda’s French website, the CB1000R, CB300R and CB125R, all in neo-retro trim, all looking amazing and seemingly quite a blast to ride. These bikes come with more than a mere facelift, they’ve been reengineered to offer a new riding experience, and we’re glad to see that Honda aims at all the customer segments.

The models are built on platforms that have been already tested and proven, so this next step is a logical one. Those looking for modern machines with a penchant for the old-school feeling are sure to revel in these models, as they bring forth a truly neat combination of technology and retro-inspired attire that’s become so fashionable during the last years.

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However, we could expect that Honda doesn’t stop here, as the current Neo Sports Café line-up only covers the ends of the customer pool, those who are in for the full-on liter-class blast, and the new riders who must comply with the A2 license restrictions.

Most likely, we’ll see the advent of the Neo Sports Café DNA in the middleweight segment, too, with the CB500 and CB650 machines revamped for 2019. So far, Honda has been dead-silent as to the new members of the Neo Sports family, but an educated guess clearly sees such bikes added to the roster soon.

Even more, the latest rumors in the industry claim that Honda might deliver an updated version of the 650cc mill, carrying on the legacy of the old middleweight CBF. It looks like we have to keep an eye on Honda’s moves at the upcoming shows in Europe, as this fall we might see these new machines make appearance.


Honestly, we love the looks of the Neo Sports Café range, and we think there’s a solid market for them. What’s your take on Honda’s neo-retro steeds?

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