I’m Off to See the Penguins. Go South: The Patagonia Ride

I’m off to see the penguins. Go South: The Patagonia Ride 1

It’s time for a new adventure

The luggage is almost done. I mean, there’s a big mess of rider equipment in the middle of the room and I hope it will fit in. And it should fit, because I have only two panniers on my motorcycle. 

All I got is my riding and video gear. The bike is brand new, so there’s no need for tools. Just a tire puncture kit and a foot pump, a multitool, some duct tape and some plastic locking ties. As for the riding gear, there’s a complete thermal kit over there to protect me from the cold winds of Patagonia. A friend of mine told me that he put on everything he had and he still felt the cold. Although my riding gear is fitted with a rain membrane, I have a waterproof suit with me. I usually don’t trust the inner membranes. No heated garments, but I got the most thick winter gloves I ever seen and the bike is fitted with heated grips, hand-guards, a large windshield and a giant fuel tank to protect me.

I’m riding a BMW R1250GS Adventure. I missed traveling with this giant. It comes in the HP Rallye theme, with nice color and a Rallye seat. I put some adventure tires for tough terrain if wondering off the beaten track. 

The Destiantion: Patagonia. I’ll arrive in Santiago, Chile, in about ten days, and from there I’ll go to pick up my bike in San Antonio, Chile. After that, I’ll go south to Patagonia. The final point of the trip is Ushuaia. 

You can follow the ride on the @drivemagriders Facebook and Instagram and on my personal Instagram – @cristian.adventure. 


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