Inspiration Kit. 500 Days Alaska to Argentina VIDEO

Inspiration Kit. 500 Days Alaska to Argentina VIDEO 1

Alex Chacon is one of the most respectable travel video-bloggers. And this is our favorite pick

He’s on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He’s on He’s everywhere a motorcycle wheel can go and beyond. Meet Alex Chacon, the #1 Ranked Adventure Travel Rider on Social Media. 

Alex got our attention with its 500 Days Alaska to Argentina trip – resumed in a 3M YouTube views video. It was published three years ago, and it’s a classic among the adventure riders world. You can watch it below. 

It was his breakthrough into the big adventure world. Since then, Alex has conquered many other places. He traveled to Morocco, Nepal, Oman, Egypt, the Middle East, India, Iceland and some other off the beaten track places. You can see below his 2016 year review. 

Who’s Alex Chacon

Alex is from El Paso Texas, but he was raised in the USA. At 17 he rode his motorcycle 15,000 miles across the USA. After graduating from the University of Texas, he sold all his belongings and risked everything for the amazing 500 Days Alaska to Argentina trip pictured above. 

He came back with $20 then he opened up a motorcycle tour company where he had a single client. 

Then he got famous for the “3 Year Epic Selfie” which got over 14M views on YouTube. 

Alex has conquered over 50 Countries. He had more than 80 Border Crossings on 5 Continents backpacking.  He put on various motorcycles clock over 250,000 km across 75 Borders. 

Alex Chacon1

“Life is an Epic Adventure, get off the couch and make your own adventure starting today” is his mantra and it seems that he’ll come up with some other great adventures in the next years. 

Another traveler we wrote about is Murph, who explored the Arctic Circle alone on his motorcycle. 

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