Is There a KTM RC 890 R in Development?

Is there a KTM RC 890 R in Development? 1

KTM has only two models in the supersport segment – RC 390 and RC 125. In other words, it lacks a large displacement sportbike, but there’s a brand in the US who manufactures an 890cc motorcycle, namely Krämer GP2 890 R.  It makes 130 hp from a KTM 890cc engine and features upgraded components for the braking system and suspension.

Back in 2009 Krämer Motorcycles built a prototype racing bike just from their passion to race bikes on tracks. The brand was based in Germany and from that point on, in 2014, they became a motorcycle manufacturer focused on designing race bikes. Now they are based in the US and this is just one of their interesting track-focused motorcycles – Krämer GP2 890 R. What makes this motorcycle appealing is the fact that it looks like a KTM RC 890 R. And hard to believe it’s not a KTM, but it has the Austrian brand’s Ready to Race DNA.

To begin with, under that bodywork, the motorcycle is fitted with a KTM 890cc engine. It’s an evolution of its predecessor, the Krämer HKR Evo2 R which featured a track transformation of the KTM 790 Duke with an engine pumped up to 890cc even before the release of the KTM 890 Duke R. But, let us get back to the GP2 890 R. The motorcycle is hand build and it makes 130 hp.

Kramer HKR Evo
Kramer HKR Evo2 R

The engine is fitted on a Chromium-Molybdenum steel frame which enhances the bike’s handling around corners. Thanks to the materials used, it’s more durable than the stock aluminium components used on production motorcycles. And that’s not all, the Chromium-Molybdenum steel frame has increased durability to cracking or breaking under the stresses of racing. To increase stiffness and flexibility where needed, Krämer used a trellis design for the frame. Moreover, the manufacturer claims the GP2 890 R is equipped with better brakes and suspension compared to production motorcycles, but that’s what you get when you want a track based machine.

Kramer GP2 890 R
Kramer GP2 890 R

Covering the engine, Krämer chose a fiberglass bodywork which helps the GP2 890 R keep the dry weight down. Also, the bodywork features carbon and kevlar reinforcements. The standard fuel tank was replaced with the airbox allowing a better weight distribution and center of gravity for track use. moreover, the tail section is made of XPE plastic and can store 3.17 gallons (12 liters) of fuel.

It looks like a KTM RC, it has the 890cc engine from the Ready to Race brand, but will the company develop an RC 890 R. Well, hard to believe and there’s no news regarding this fact or the price tag of the Krämer GP2 890 R. But, looking at the brand’s smaller version, the HKR EVO2 R which is fitted with an 80 hp KTM 690 LC4 engine, that bike will set you off $22,495. Therefore, the GP2 890 R most likely costs over $25,000. It’ll be cool to see KTM make a production model taking into count this track-focused motorcycle, and it’ll rival bikes like  Ducati Panigale V2, MV Agusta F3 800 or the upcoming Aprilia RS660, but at the moment we’ll have to just glance at this awesome Krämer GP2 890 R.

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