Lazareth LM 410 Goes on Sale. Four-Wheeled 200 Hp & €100,000 Bike

Lazareth LM 410 goes on sale. Four-wheeled 200 hp & €100,000 bike 1

This motorcycle has a Yamaha R1 engine, four wheels and costs €100,000

Lazareth LM 410 is made in France and its features include a 200 hp Yamaha R1 engine, a four-wheel system and a high price tag set at €100,000. Would you buy one?

The Lazareth LM 410 is a four-wheel machine designed by French custom builder Ludovic Lazareth. It’s fitted with a 998cc Yamaha R1 engine making 200 hp.


The price is €100,000 and the motorcycle comes as a limited edition of just ten units.


"The LM 410 uses the visual signature of the LM 847 but is much more conventional. It was designed to be lighter, more manageable and accessible to as many people as possible," said Lazareth.


The tilting four-wheel system is identical to the one used on the previous model designed from the French custom builder, the 470 hp Maserati V8 car engine LM 847 model unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. This means that all four wheels remain on the ground when the Lazareth LM 410 leans through the twisties.

LM847 Copier

No further details have been revealed, but we know that Lazareth likes to create unique machines like the LMV 496 fitted with rotating jet engines to transform into an aircraft. The LMV 496 is still in the development status and we can’t wait to find more details about the LM 410.

lazareth 496 moto volante web__w800


lm410 2 1600x1200R

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