Meet the Bike of the Future – Yamaha MOTOROiD

Meet the bike of the future - Yamaha MOTOROiD 1

Besides the usual motorcycles, Yamaha comes with a high-tech futuristic approach of a two-wheeled vehicle. The MOTOROiD is Yamaha’s interpretation for the bike of the future that can recognize its owner and interact with them. Imagine that in a few years your bike will interact with you just like a pet. How cool is that?

With riders nowadays talking with their motorcycles or giving them names Yamaha had a brilliant idea for bringing artificial intelligence to their MOTOROiD concept. The whole concept relates to the Japanese “Kando” that translates to emotional involvement. So the bike will have the power to simulate an emotional response just like your dog when you arrive at home.

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The design of the MOTOROiD is a whole new approach towards the idea of a motorcycle. The chassis comes with a unique design and a body grabbing seat for the rider. The bike will be electrically powered, and the engine compartment seems to be fitted with three large dimensions AA batteries.

A ride on the MOTOROiD will definitely change your perception about riding a bike. Imagine when your bike grows a character and stops you from over speeding.

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