New Bike Road Guide: Adventure Routes in Transylvania

New Bike Road Guide: Adventure Routes in Transylvania 1

4,132 kilometres of adventure roads

We just received a new source of inspiration and planning: “Transylvanian Roads – a roadbook for riders.” Carpathian2WheelsGuide shares with us some of the best motorcycle roads to ride your bike in Transylvania, Romania.

The routes of this guidebook go through the forests, the mountains, on roads which connect medieval castles and tracks on the riverbanks of the large rivers from Transylvania. Sighișoara, Râșnov and Rupea Citadel, the fortified churches in Biertan and Viscri are major points of reference linked by roads on ridges, dotted with villages spectacular by their simplicity. Apuseni Mountains, Poiana Rusca, Sureanu and the Eastern Carpathian group of mountains are crossed on dirt roads full of mud and unique landscapes on each turn.

1 Intersection Route no 4 The peaks of Transylvania

The road guide covers a total of 4,132 kilometres of adventure routes. Nine out of the ten routes are on unpaved or dirt roads, and each one demands different levels of skill. The off-road tracks total 2,654 kilometres and each has lengths between 170 and 450 kilometres. The last route, 1,508 kilometres long, is a challenge designed for tarmac roads lovers. This is the longest track that can link all the touristic attractions of Transylvania and includes the most beautiful mountain passes and secondary roads.


3 Waterfall Route no 5 Riding along the Mures River.JPG

The digital road guide version comes as a smartphone app and features a GPS track to make navigation easier for each course. Each route has details regarding tourist attractions, required skill level and how much tarmac and gravel kilometres each road has. Moreover, it features warnings such as any type of hazards you can find on the road.

5 Beautiful Valley Route no 8 Sureanu and Poiana Rusca Mountains

Carpathian2WheelsGuide also shares with us other tourist guides of Romania and one of Bosnia-Herzegovina – Apuseni Mountains and Touring in Romania guidebooks, Off-road in Romania and Offroad trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find them here.

Transylvania Routes

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