New KTM 790 Adventure – First Photos

Sharp, compact and ready to rock. It’s a smart take on the adventure-touring market.

Here are the first photos of KTM’s new 790 Adventure. Judging by the looks, it will be presented as a concept bike and it will probably go on sale in 2019. With this silhouette, it might offer what many people miss in the middleweight segment – less weight, more adventure. 

The photos were published by asphalt&rubber and we can clearly see that this bike will be more about adventure than comfort. No fairings, a rallye seat and a sharp nose. It will be powered by the new inline-two engine that debuts on 790 Duke – to be launched on Tuesday but that’s all we have for now. 

The following days we’ll be in Milan at the EICMA show and come up with some hot news and movies about the new models. So stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

KTM 790 Adventure prototype 01

KTM 790 Adventure prototype 02

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