New Suzuki SV650 Scrambler. Well, Not Much of a Scrambler

New Suzuki SV650 Scrambler. Well, not much of a Scrambler 1
Here’s the first Suzuki take on the new-retro market Suzuki was the only big motorcycle manufacturer with no new-retro/custom model. Until yesterday, when the SV 650 Scrambler was unveiled.  Compared to the original SV650, the Scrambler was fitted with some accessories to stand up for the name. It has Dunlop Mutant tires, wider handlebars, and larger footpegs. It also comes with a different front mudguard, radiator protector, headlight protector, a small wind deflector and a brown seat.  suzuki_sv 650 scrambler_25 But that’s it. This bike won’t go too far away from the tarmac. It has the same cast wheels, while the exhaust and other engine elements are too exposed. Nothing about the suspension travel, either. 

And one more thing. It seems that it will only be available in France for a € 7,999 price tag.  

Of course, none of the new “Scramblers” are true Scramblers, so we should get used to it. 

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