Packing for the S1000RR Media Launch

We’ll ride the new S1000RR on the Estoril track in Portugal next week, at the international media launch. Can it set the benchmark again?

S1000RR is one of the most anticipated bikes of the year – after ten years since the first RR was launch, BMW comes with a new generation. The only similar thing to the previous one is the name – otherwise, BMW completely changed the bike: reworked engine and chassis, new suspension, updated electronics, new looks – the asymmetrical headlight is gone now. 

When it was launched, back in 2009, the S1000RR was a game-changer, and it set the benchmark in the Superbike class. Will this bike make the same strong first impression? How different does it feel compared to its predecessor? We’re eager to find out. 

Our video will go on YouTube next week, so subscribe to our channel.  

Meanwhile, watch our interview with Sepp Mächler, the man behind the S1000RR. 

This is not the only important media launch we'll be attending these days. As writing this article, we're on our way to Morocco, where we'll test the KTM 790 Adventure. 

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