Retro Electric Motorcycles Are a Thing Now

Retro Electric Motorcycles Are a Thing Now 1

Electric motorcycle with a true retro attire to be available soon thanks to Regent

If anything, having “electricity” and “motorcycles” in the same phrase makes us think about edge design, hardcore new tech and futuristic looks. Regent No.1 begs to differ: welcome the retro e-bike!

Despite the advances in motorcycle industry, retro bikes still sell like crazy, as the new machines can’t alleviate the nostalgic riders’ thirst for the “golden era” vibe. Pretty much all the major manufacturers still carry a neo-retro model in their current line-up and make good money off it. However, it’s only now that we see the marriage of retro looks and electric powertrains, thanks to new bike manufacturer Regent and their NO.1 upcoming machine.


Seen from a distance, the Regent NO.1 may look like your everyday Kawasaki W800 or so, but taking a closer look will reveal a spectacular difference. The NO.1 is an all-electric bike with classic ‘70 looks: a round headlight, wide bars, dual rear shocks, a two-up ribbed seat and even a teardrop “tank”. Everything is beautifully finished in pinstriped black, with chrome accents that hark back to the bikes made half a century ago.


However, instead of the classic internal combustion engine one might expect, the Regent NO.1 has a massive battery pack with machined aluminium details and a bold crown emblem next to the big model number.


The Swedish company has been testing this model with potential customers and decided to move the whole project into production, with the first bikes to become available in May 2020. NO. 1 has a 72V, 80 Ah battery which gives it a 150 km range. Typical power is 11 hp, with a 20 hp peak and a top speed of 120 km/h. The bike has a hub motor instead of a traditional chain or belt transmission.

Regent also uses a traditional fork and dual coil over shock rear suspension, with an ABS disc brake in the front and regenerative technology in the hub, classy spoked 18” wheels and LED lighting. The only thing that looks modern is the touchscreen dashboard. Also welcome are the crash alert system, the integrated GPS module and alarm system.


Regent is already taking preorders for the NO.1, offering a 10% discount to the first 100 customers. The final retail price is €9500, which is an almost decent figure, given the modest power of the bike. However, it’s the beautiful looks that add value to this machine, if you ask us. As for usability, it’s perfect for both suburban commuting, leisure rides and even weekend trips.

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