Ride That Monkey Around the World

André Sousa a 24 years old 600cc Portuguese motorcycle racer who will start on July 12 to ride around the world on a mini moto, namely a 125cc Honda Monkey. His adventure motorcycle tour will take him across all six continents and will last more than two years. The goal is to set a new World Record.

The starting point is Avis, Portugal and from there, André will start his motorcycle journey on his mini Honda through Europe, towards Asia and finish his trip in Africa. The rider wanted to visit the African continent first, but because at this moment, all the borders are still closed, he had to leave it for last on his roadmap. Number one stop is the Spain border at Elvas-Badajoz.

The adventure motorcycle tour roadmap

It’ll be a low-cost trip which will not include any overnight stays. The adventure motorcycle tour will head towards Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Asia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. After that, André will ship the 125cc Honda Monkey to Australia and travel from Perth to Sydney before going to South America and riding through Colombia, Panama, Central America, Mexico, the United States, Route 66 (which will only be made half), New Orleans, the coast to New York, Canada and return to Europe to complete the missing countries and ride through Africa.

The Bike

The 125cc Honda Monkey was chosen due to its reliability. The average speed André will ride is around 50kph, but he will encounter some tough terrain areas as well as some climbs with the mini moto fully loaded. The bike has a couple of tweaks like a different exhaust system, side cases, extra headlights and that’s about it. There are no details if the engine had any power enhancements, so most likely the power figures are the same as the standard version – 7kW (9 hp) and 11Nm of torque.

The adventure motorcycle tour will last more than two years and André will ride more than 60,000km’s through at least 50 countries across six continents. The goal is to set a new World Record.


André Sousa is the 2018 World Record holder for the Fastest Journey Around South America on a Small Motorbike – an award for riding through all South America in 120 days, more than 24,000 km and on a 125cc Honda motorcycle. You can check and follow André’s adventure motorcycle tour on social media, Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on RideThatMonkey website.


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