RiSE – the Ultimate Rider and Bike Protection Integrated System

RiSE - the ultimate rider and bike protection integrated system 1

It’s not only our phones and bikes who are getting smarter, our very riding becomes smarter, too. And in case you needed some proof, here’s RiDESAFE, or RiSE, a new integrated safety system that incorporates countless functions and which could really make a difference when the going gets tough.

Crash detection devices installed in motorbikes are not a new thing, and neither are systems that can alert first responders. However, a system that does pretty much anything in between is an authentic piece of novelty.

RiSE is a project started by several Romanian riders, and it integrates ride data collection, crash detection, GPS positioning, reaching out to first response units and shortlist contacts, plus medical data. And in case you were getting ready to say that it misses out on the theft protection side, save your breath: it also acts as an anti-theft system, too.

Making things even crazier is the fact that the Romanians not only have big plans for RiSE, but they also secured financing from several third-party companies, and they are developing it at a very fast pace. Want even more wackiness? Well, we’ve got it!

RiSE is a single-piece unit that can be retrofitted to almost any motorcycle. In the simplest bikes, it only needs to be powered up and you’re good to go. The startup is currently testing CAN Bus integration with the new-generation bikes for an even better, seamless integration.

The unit can record and store routes, speed, max G forces and lean angles, and will be able to differentiate between an actual crash and the moment when you drop your bike in the parking lot. All data can be stored in the cloud and shared with friends over multiple social media accounts. Also, alarms can be configured by the user to go off in full loudness or send a silent warning.

Riders using RiSE can also add personal medical info such a blood type, chronic diseases that may interfere with first response aid, the medication they’re under, allergies and pretty much anything that could save time and efforts in case of an emergency. The location of the crash, along with this medical data will be sent automatically to emergency responders, and RiSE can also contact a list of user-preset contacts. The future might also bring bike health info, fuel economy over specific road sections and plenty of other data to play with.

For more information, head over to RiDESAFE’s website and prepare for the future of motorcycle riding.

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