Romanian Bikers to Get Medicines for People in Need

Romanian Bikers to Get Medicines for People in Need 1

"It'a voluntary act in accordance to the military regulations. We want to support the people that are not able to get out and need medication these days", says Ciprian Mladin, volunteer, for the local newspaper

It's happening in Oradea, North-West Romania, where a group of riders, Blue Knights Romania VI, consisting of law force members, decided to help those in need. They are doing it in their free time, and the elderly, children and the ones in medical emergency have priority. 

Starting Friday, their are receiving emergency calls by phone and trying to resolve them as soon as possible, while keeping themselves safe, paying with credit cards and avoiding contact. If the weather is getting bad, and they won't be able to use the bikes anymore, they do it by car. 

Romania is locked-down for unessential activities due to the Coronavirus Outbreak. 

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