Sarah Lezito Pulls Wheelies and Stunts on a Yamaha Niken

Sarah Lezito is a French freestyle stunt rider who just released a video of how she likes to play on a Yamaha Niken. The rider showcases what is possible to do on a three-wheel machine from power slides to wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, donuts and other tricks.


It’s not often we have a chance to see how a professional rider makes a three-wheel machine wheelie and stoppie like any other motorcycle can. This time it was the Yamaha Niken the weapon of choice and after some training, the rider managed to pull a couple of stunts on the bike.

Sarah Lezito is considered the best stuntwoman in the world. This may be a fancy statement, but her motorcycle stunt career states that she knows a thing or two when it comes to motorcycle riding. She was Scarlett Johansson’s double in the motorcycling scenes in The Avengers 2 movie and left a lot of riders behind her at the stunt riding world championships.



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