Siberian Arctic Expedition Is About to Start

Siberian Arctic expedition is about to start 1
Siberia by motorcycle. Mark is set to begin his adventure Mark is about to ride 10,778 km through Siberia in minus 55 degrees Celsius on his 1986 Honda. The rider named the adventure Siberian Arctic expedition, it starts on January 4th and here are the latest updates.
  Last time we spoke about how a 45-year-old Polish guy, Mark, is preparing to start an adventure through Siberia on a 1986 Honda motorcycle. On January 4th, Mark will begin his trip from Poland to Oymyakon, considered one of the coldest places on Earth. The course includes Russia, from West to East, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, and Oymyakon.
81716144_463527750995970_4006827736931762176_o  “Good news. Ara replaces the batteries for the Arctic in its Toyota, new reinforced ones are already charging for the trip. Engine insulation and fuel pump insulation still need to be done and oil change in the rear bridge and engine to the Arctic. Also, several smaller modifications. To meet with Ara I have to travel 3,000 km to Chelyabinsk, we will meet there,” wrote Mark on social media. A couple of days ago, Mark was testing the engine of his Honda to see how it will handle the freezing temperatures in Siberia.
The conditions of the adventure are extreme. Oymyakon’s weather was -43 and -46 degrees Celsius in December when we wrote about Mark’s trip and -28 degrees Celsius at the moment of writing this article. There is also a challenge for riding, just a couple of hours of sunlight, from 10:00 to sunset at 14:43. So, choosing the gear and preparing for the journey is important.
Ojmiakon_1 “Five days to go, emotions rise. I am looking through the list of what to take, what to leave, as probably many of you before your trips. I was supposed to go alone but 'throw on the tape' Ara appeared with the car and … great because it was supposed to be from the very beginning, the car behind my back in these conditions is a must.  I have other options when travelling in a car, will it be faster? probably it will be so that somewhere it will be easier and somewhere slower in any case the pace will be imposed by a motorcycle. The route has its length and 11,000 km it will show you how it will be, who will be waiting for whom and what problems we will have.  This is a band but in this band, I am the weaker one. As in football or other sports, we have people who are a little more important to us than others although there are many, everyone has a favourite there, I also have a "guy" who is a "someone" for me, you know that there is only one man in the world who on a motorcycle covered an 8,000 km stretch of continuous driving of course in winter and it was Alaska, Frenchman Eric Lobo. While driving through Alaska, he was accompanied by two escort cars and he was measuring temperatures above -50 degrees Celsius. He fought many technical and physical problems and not much was missing and he would stop riding, but he is a man with great determination and he succeeded!  Yes, I write intentionally that he succeeded because this type of trip falls into the category of extreme driving which can be successful and may also be interrupted due to physical or hardware reasons. Meet Eric Lobo a very interesting character who, like me, is almost a fanatic of extreme winter rides. I approach each trip with caution and humbleness and, as always, I believe that it will work. Already in a month, we will know it all. Technical SYBERIA 2020,” wrote Mark on his Facebook page.
80575445_1066366393717045_4338355888847847424_o The rider will go equipped with heated gloves and a CAT S61 smartphone with sensors and a thermal imaging camera. In other words, thermovision to help Mark cope with minus 55 degrees Celsius on his way to Oymyakon. “I like how things happen dynamically and today it has happened. Are you curious how thermovision is doing in the cold? But in such a particular cold? I'll check it out. Thanks to CAT Telekomunikacja Polska, I'm taking the company's indestructible CAT S61 smartphone packed with sensors and a thermal imaging camera on a trip. For me, a great tool for observing a motorcycle, what about engine temperature,” said Mark.
81814129_460827667932645_962979058432344064_o The rider was also helped with his gear by some partners who gave way equipment or provided high discounts. “Dear Partners, thank you for supporting my Siberian Arctic expedition by motorcycle 2020 project. Your help through donating equipment or providing high discounts was crucial for me in preparation. Thank you for all your help. I will probably remember you more than once during my trip. Let me quote content that ideally connects the supporter with the needy. <<The more you give, the more you become. But you need someone to take. For giving is not losing,>> Antoine de Saint Exupery,” wrote Mark on social media.
 81336839_460439481304797_2701934638531608576_o Mark is not on his first adventure of this kind. In 2018, he rode his Honda to Nordkapp and here are some pictures from that trip.
51276363_291345474880866_3669064963244163072_o For the moment, we can watch his adventure on his Facebook page.
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