SilentHawk – Special Forces Get Deadly Silent Motorcycle

Two wheel drive, hybrid technology, and 250 km range

It can run on petrol, diesel and even jet fuel. That’s when it doesn’t go in the all-electric Stealth mode which makes it a bit louder than a deadly whisper. 

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding the SilentHawk project – a stealth dirt bike than can enable special forces to operate in hostile terrain. 

SilentHawk features a hybrid engine that can run on petrol, diesel and even jet fuel. It also comes with an electric engine and batteries for stealth operation and a two-wheel drive system. 

According to its creators, when running in electric mode, the loudest sound is made by the chain – 55 dB – the volume of a conversation. 

The estimated range is over 270 km, and the maximum speed is 128 kph. The weight – 158 kg. 

Besides the SilentHawk, there is one more similar project called Nightmare that features the same characteristics – two-wheel-drive and hybrid technology. Unlike the SilentHawk, this one comes with a belt instead of a chain. This final transmission choice makes it more silent, but the belt drive is not the best option for rough terrain use. 


Both products were presented as prototypes.

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