Smart HUD Helmet Presented by BMW Motorrad

Smart HUD Helmet presented by BMW Motorrad 1
BMW Motorrad is developing a head-up display system for its helmet range. The helmets could have a head-up-display system, two video cameras and speaker systems. It’s the first time when a famous company develops a head-up-display helmet. Or the second time, if you also consider a project (with a 4k video camera but without HUD) launched by Bell at the same time. The other few models sold until now on the market are created by some small/start-up companies.  The BMW Motorrad concept was revealed at CES Las Vegas and might hit the production line in two or three years.  In fact, BMW created a HUD system, not a helmet so that system could be fitted on any BMW Motorrad helmets. The display is not projected on the visor, but on a piece of glass located in the front of your right eye – something like Google Glass. The information on the display can be controlled via that left-handlebar wheel which can be found on the more expensive BMW motorcycles.  The whole idea is to create a multimedia universe which consists of the display, your smartphone and BMW Motorrad Navigator (which is able to get information from the bike).  Rear/Front video cameras BMW Motorrad’s smart helmet also features two video cameras (one in the front and one in the back). The front can be used as a video recorder while the back could be transformed into a digital rearview mirror.  By now, the most advanced helmet on the market is Skully AR-1, which has an 180 degrees blindspot camera and head-up display. Its price is $1,500.

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