The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017 – It’s Time to Suit Up

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2017 - It's time to suit up 1
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is the parade every gentleman that owns a classic bike wants to attend. This Sunday – 24th of September – the charity event DGR will take place worldwide, and it aims to raise money for research into prostate cancer and mental health programs to help men around the world. The minimal requirement to attend the parade is to own a bike that will fit DGR requirements (check it here, to put on your finest suit, to bring your manners and to register for your nearest ride. The sign up process includes a donation to fight against the prostate cancer and mental health problems.  Last year the event took place in 505 major cities around the world, and it gathered 56.000 participants in 90 countries. This year is the sixth year since the first ride back in 2012 when the event was born.  The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was the creation of a fellow rider from Sidney, Australia. His name is Mark Hawwa, and we came up with the idea after seeing a photo of Don Draper ( the main character in the Mad Men tv series), riding a classic bike while wearing his finest suit. Mark saw the great potential of a theme ride and the benefits it will bring to motorcycle communities. In 2016 the raised over $3.6M (USD) for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs in partnership with the November Foundation. So all you have to do is to donate and register for your nearest ride, visit 

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