The New Triumph 800 XC and XR: Good Just Got Better

The new Triumph 800 XC and XR: good just got better 1

Triumph’s 800 line-up comes at EICMA 2017 thoroughly revised

Triumph has brought to EICMA 2017 the significantly updated 800 in both XC and XR guises and promises the best rides both on- and off-road.


There are more than 200 upgrades to the chassis and engine, including engine optimisation, gearbox tweaking, a five-position adjustable screen, and a lighter silencer, among other stuff. 


Peaking at 95 PS, the 800-cc Triple engine boasts a greater response in power delivery (courtesy of a ride-by-wire throttle) and highlights its character via a lighter exhaust system with a sportier soundtrack. When in off-road, the shorter ratio first gear will come in handy with a low-speed responsiveness and more immediate acceleration. For the adventurers who prefer all the control on an off-road course, the 800 XC comes with an Off-Road Pro riding mode that cuts off all the assists. For when you need stopping power, the Brembo front brakes are there for you in all conditions.


But it’s not all about the performance, the comfort also being taken into consideration. The Tiger 800 is now tailored for better rider ergonomics ― the handlebars are dragged 10 mm to the back, the windscreen is adjustable in five different positions, and the diffusers now ensure more aero protection. There’s also a new seat compound for “all-day riding comfort,” and the seats are adjustable by 20 mm to suit riding style and terrain. In addition, a low ride height XRx model is available, sitting 50 mm lower than the standard XR range of seats.


Tech-wise, the 800 comes with the usual array of safety electronic nannies ― switchable ABS and traction control, and an updated, easily-accessible cruise control system that helps reduce rider fatigue. For boosting riding comfort, the seats and grips can be heated, you get power sockets for charging your gadgets, and the handlebar mounted switchcube buttons are now illuminated for easier night-time use. 


Nevertheless, if you want more, it’s better to know there are over 50 optional original accessories at your disposal, helping you personalize your bike and “maximise your riding experience.”

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