This Is the New BMW Motorrad TFT-Display

This is the new BMW Motorrad TFT-Display 1

The new BMW Motorrad Connected display will offer a built-in navigation system via the Connectivity App installed on the smartphone, according to an official sneak peek of the new product. This will replace the turn-by-turn navigation currently used on the BMW TFT Dash.

This new product will make the standard GPS obsolete, thanks to the offline maps and to the user-friendly nature of the smartphone app. The sneak peek was revealed in the “RideAndTalk” BMW Motorrad podcast.

Looking at the size and the shape of the new BMW TFT Display, we think that it will debut on the touring segment, and not on the GS. The R1250RT and K1600GT series are featuring some old-school analog dashes, and BMW will probably introduce this new one pretty soon. More than that, it looks too wide to fit other models such as the R1250GS, R1250R/RS or S1000XR, F900 series, and so on.

Moreover, the whole BMW range excepting the G310GS/R and the touring series are already fitted with the first generation of the BMW Motorrad Connectivity Dash, which offers the turn-by-turn navigation.

How does it work? You have to download the free smartphone app, tho connect via Bluetooth, and to set up the destination on the smartphone. The TFT Dash is taking over the information and shows you the guidance (it also features audio guidance). Of course, you can also listen to music and make calls.

For safety reasons, it probably won’t feature a touchscreen and will be controlled via the jog-wheel on the left handlebar. It also doesn’t seem to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In this sneak peek above, the smartphone is positioned on something that looks like a wireless charging device. How cool would be that? To put your smartphone in a special pocket that comes with wireless charging.

This is the new BMW Motorrad TFT-Display 2

20 thoughts on “This Is the New BMW Motorrad TFT-Display

  1. On my 2020 R1250RS I was disappointing to find out that it only navigates thru the BMW Connected App. Better yes, but not all it could be. Carefully reading your article it seems that they yet again have not enabled Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps to navigate. This is a big shortcoming.

    1. Then use your portable GPS device that has an unused phone part to it. Some people even like the music that you can play from it. It’s made by Apple.

  2. Both KTM and BMW need to stop trying to be UI App Co’s and concentrate on bikes – One of the main reasons I did not buy BMW (or a KTM last week – Honda has the correct idea and just use CarPlay® – BMW use CarPlay in future – so I purchased a new 2020 AT CRF1100. That and Honda have separated off the Wheelie control pitch axis in the accelerometer IMU for all modes. yes I like to use Waze – I like to do wheelies, but dont want yaw axis off.

  3. I really want to get rid off the Navigator VI on my 1250RT.
    Its such a bad and time consuming soltution, the list of bugs and problems is extrem long, the hardware is very old without computing power and Basecamp a extrem old style sofware which i refuse to use nowadays.
    Hopefully the new TFT uses TomTom for navigation.
    Everything else than Garmin can only be better!

  4. I use TomTom Go App on my phone connected to Apple CarPlay in my car. This gives better route shaping and edit than either Apple Maps or Google Maps. It does cost £13/year but maps always up to date. Missing out Apple CarPlay on this update is a huge miss. Honda got it right on Africa Twin.

  5. huge misstep without apple carplay or android auto. BMW again misses the opportunity to simplify their notoriously frustrating and cumbersome menus and options rather than the consistency of acp/aa! maybe they’ll activate it in a future update for $1000? BMW FAIL

  6. This brilliant this what I want and I will upgrade my bike as soon as you get rid of the garmin and make all in one TFT there’s just too much to look at, safety first,

  7. Without carplay for Apple or Android it will not be the reason to buy this motorcycle. All world is going with Google Maps and perfectly well. TomTom maps and system is more Europe oriented and I am not sure what will happen in US.

  8. CarPlay is critical to my old eyes, as well as eliminating device complexity. My old wallet is fat, and would love to continue my multi-decade relationship with GS’s… but looks like Honda’s Africa Twin is the best/only CarPlay option for another few years… when me and/or my fat wallet expires

  9. Received my ‘2021 R1250GSA only to discover it is still only been configured for the NAV VI GPS system which is already 3 years old. The Garmin Zumo XT, has some critical new safety features such as the group radio link or Reach SOS. Given the high probability of no cell phone signal which is typical of Adventure riding in Africa, you will be riding in circles without a prior map download. This can be done using the current TFT NAV system and the BMW MotoRad Connected App very similar to the Rever App. However very basic maps, updates poor. So still going in circles! Why no Apple CarPlay for simplicity. Looks like it’s going to be a wire hack to get the XT to fit the current GS for safe travels. Shame on you BMW!

  10. The TFT screens are hugely nickable, only kept on by a couple of circlips. Crap design that means an after market guard has to be fitted. Also the electrics on the latest RT and GS have problems with trickle chargers, again a problem if a tracker is fitted.
    Bit of a Teutonic cluster f*^k.

  11. The main reason I ‘passed’ on the Harley Pan America was the linking of the GPS and necessity of the Harley navigation app on a phone. I didn’t have cell signal at all on my trip to Prudhoe Bay. I understand the preload, I just don’t agree with it. It’s an ADVENTURE bike! Why and how is it an adventure if you have cell signal? 🙁

  12. It is impossible to buy a new car without an atrocious display and they just keep getting bigger! Part of the joy of motorcycling is the analog experience of modulating brake, throttle, clutch and body to drive the bike. Likewise the meditative aspect of riding comes from the full engagement of attention and focus, something that is disrupted by complex screens. Am I a luddite to prefer a simple cluster with analog tach, simple lcd fuel and trip meters? Lastly, simplicity is becoming a luxury feature.

    1. You said it right, Jim. The recent TFT splurge in the market on both cars and bikes just act as a distraction, to much information, most of it useless. Analogs are still my choice, they have the nostalgic touch.

  13. go to Overboard and get an A3 map wallet held on by carabiners to tank top. About £20 with delvy and VAT Overboard supply wallet with one carabiner – they supply pack of five as extra – loops on ea. corner of wallet -its bigger and better than a tank bag map window…

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