Triumph Moto2 Prototype – Interview With James Toseland

Triumph Moto2 Prototype - Interview with James Toseland 1

The Triumph Moto2 Prototype was presented at EICMA this year by two times World Superbike champion James Toseland, and we got to talk with him about the MotoGP middle-class changes that will be made next year and about the 765 Triumph engine.

Everybody knows that the engine used until now in MotoGP Moto2 class was supplied by Honda since 2010. It was the in-line four-cylinder engine that was also used to power the Honda CBR600RR. The peak power of the engine was around 125hp and, the midrange was almost none. Fortunately, Dorna signed an agreement with Triumph to deliver their 765cc three-cylinder engines from 2019. The power will increase with around 7hp and together with the weight drop the bike will be a bit lighter and narrower.

The electronics will be provided by Magneti Marelli and, the Moto2 class will gain a few rider aids together with the new propulsion unit. The middle-class rider will be able to use launch control, anti-wheelie and engine brake control. This change will bring the Moto2 closer to the big class by getting the riders acquainted with the telemetry and allowing them to make the transition a bit smoother.

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