Triumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike. Winter-Edition Adventure

Triumph Tiger 800 Ice Bike. Winter-Edition Adventure 1

Stelvio Pass on Christmas Eve? Here’s the bike

Triumph revealed a highly modified Tiger 800. Instead of the 21-inch front it has a functional ski. 

The Ice Bike features a heavily-studded rear tyre and a completely redesigned front end. The Triumph engineers didn’t only put a ski instead of a spoked wheel. They managed to design a new suspension unit which includes a shock absorber besides the classic fork. 

The winter-edition Tiger also features high-quality billet parts, a handlebar-mounted external temperature gauge, a satellite navigation and a headlamp protector.


It also comes with reworked front mudguard, shortened rear mudguard and a new exhaust system. 

Everyone knows that the daytime is shorter in the winter, so Triumph offers off-road LED driving lamps and emergency tools like a collapsible sad and ice axe. 


So, if you want to conquer the mountains in the winter you may choose one of these. Or buy a snowmobile, instead. 

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