Upcoming Suzuki Katana Teased Again

Upcoming Suzuki Katana teased again 1

Suzuki reveals a new teaser video ahead of Germany’s Intermot show in October, but info is still lackluster as to what will Hamamatsu bring. Obviously, we’re still unable to think about anything else than a new Katana bike, as this new teaser is also about forging a samurai blade, just like the initial one.

Even though information is lackluster, the kanji symbols at the end of this teaser speak about a samurai sword, also known as katana, hence the “wild” guess. However, how the bike will look like is anyone’s guess. The rumor mill is spinning faster and faster and there are several ideas that popped up lately.

One of them sees Suzuki bringing a street-legal version of their MotoGP GSX-RR machine. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers who field GP teams to build road-going versions of their bikes, albeit they usually come with a very high price tag. Still, it looks like this is a lucrative segment, as there are enough buyers willing to fork out hefty sums of money to get their hands on such exclusive bikes. Will House Hamamatsu join the ranks of Honda and Ducati (even though the Superleggera isn’t exactly a GP motorcycle)?

Other voices claim that Suzuki is preparing “their own H2”, following Kawasaki’s example. A Suzuki hyperbike could also be a bold, winning move, given their road racing prowess and heritage.

One of the most interesting rumors involves Suzuki’s Recursion concept. Recursion is a twin-cylinder bike fed by a turbocharger, introduced some five years ago or so. No machine based on the Recursion made it into production so far, but if Suzuki has real plans for it, the new Katana might be just the right vector.

Maybe it’s a bit too much to speak about the “advent of turbo series motorcycles,” but fate favors the bold. A sub-liter turbocharged twin could pack quite a punch with a small weight and would also be very fuel-efficient; a winning recipe, if you ask us.

Mixing modern-day turbo technology with Suzuki’s MotoGP expertise and their sport legacy could yield very interesting results. Put a decent price tag on such a bike and we’re looking at a machine that could sell by itself.

Wonder if the third teaser will offer some hints. After all, we saw a bike reflection in the blade in this one, maybe they’ll bring a bigger sword in the next video…

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