VIDEO: Looking at IOM TT Racer John McGuinness Riding From All Angles

Camera Revolution decided to fit a TYR Arm and a Libra Mini camera on the bike of one of Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy most successful racers, John McGuinness. The footage is quite impressive as we have the chance to see the British road racer riding a Honda Fireblade around the 37.73-mile road-racing circuit with a bunch of the riding details.

For many of you who are not familiar with road racing, John McGuinness is one of IOM TT’s most prolific racers having a total of 23 wins and 47 podiums under his belt over his 19-year road racing career. Also, the Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy organizers named a left bend after him. It’s quite hard to see video footage of John McGuinness blasting with over 180 mph on the mountain course and see onboard details of how he races at IOM TT. In other words, it’s impossible to capture clear video footage of the racer. Thus, TYR Revolution which is a dedicated channel for the TYR Arm from Camera Revolution decided to make a video capturing John McGuinness riding a Honda Fireblade on the TT course. Moreover, a group of filmmakers mounted a camera rig to a superbike ridden by four-time IOM TT podium winner Conor Cummins. Also, Cummins is the 2007 Irish Superbike and Superstock champion and has broken some IOM TT lap records in the past, so, he knows a thing or two on how to keep up with the Morecambe Missile.

To make this video, it took Camera Revolution over two days of filming. The video footage was achieved using on-board cameras on John McGuinness Fireblade, and also on another superbike ridden by Conor Cummins. The cameras used were Libra Mini, operated wirelessly from a pursuit car. TYR Revolution claims that the speed achieved by McGuinness during filming was over 120 mph and to achieve clear and stable video footage, the team used a Libra Mini remote head mounted on Conor Cummins bike for the video camera to tackle the wind speed. Also, the video camera’s three-axis stabilization worked like a motorcycle’s suspension soaking up the bumps, potholes and managed to withstand the wind turbulence to ensure the clear video footage. This video setup was also used back in 2015 to film major motion pictures like Mission Impossible, Bourne Legacy and Tomb Raider, to name a few.

The result is quite impressive as we get a chance to see John McGuinness’ micromovements at the levers and the pegs as well as how the rider shifts his weight through the corners, smoothness while operating the clutch and poking out his knee before hitting the apex.


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