Viral Video: World Superbike Rider Shreds the Tires Off a Yamaha Niken

This is Toprak Razgatlioglu, an official Yamaha World Superbike rider who has a little bit of fun on a three-wheel Yamaha Niken. He posted a video on his social media page while he drifts the bike and does a massive burnout at the end.

We don’t recommend this kind of fun on public roads, but if you’re a WorldSBK rider, have a track to ride on and a Yamaha Niken to play with, then it could be a fun way to ride your bike as we can see in this video. Toprak Razgatlioglu put on his helmet, racing suits and started to burn the rubber of a Yamaha Niken.

We know the rider has a passion for doing tricks on motorcycles as he made a couple of stoppies in the past while coming to the pitstop with his Yamaha R1 World Superbike machine at a couple of races. We have to say that in this video, everything looks so easily done riding the Yamaha Niken, but most likely you need some years of racing experience to make everything look so easy.


One thought on “Viral Video: World Superbike Rider Shreds the Tires Off a Yamaha Niken

  1. Toprak is an awesome rider wish he could get some more race wins this year he was really good on the Kawasaki last year. Not sure about what is going on with Yamaha this year they have been battling to get race wins. Really love the articles crazy cool 3 wheeler must be a laugh to ride. Thanks guys and ride safe

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