Watch This Fearless Ride Over a Frozen Lake in Siberia in 4K

Speedway rider leans to the limit in the Circle of Shaman

Ice Speedway champion Daniil Ivanov took his bike for a ride over the frozen waters of Baikal – the deepest and the oldest lake in the world. 

The film was shot by Red Bull and it looks fabulous. However, the filming process was very tough: “I would put on my racing suit before breakfast, and I’d only take it off when it was dark. So that meant 12 hours a day in full harness. And I’ve never covered such long distances on my ice bike without a stop. In five days I used 70 liters of methanol, which is enough for an entire season of speedway,” says Ivanonv. 

Watch the video below:

The movie includes a ritual performed by the famed Buryat shaman Valentin Hagdayev. 

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speedway riding frozen lake 4

speedway riding frozen lake 3

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