Yamaha FJR1300P Police Motorcycle. Can You Outrun It?

Yamaha FJR1300P Police motorcycle. Can you outrun it? 1

Don’t do that. It comes with 145 hp and 138 Nm plus an armed officer on it

Yamaha unveiled the updated FJR1300P Police bike, available for use by law enforcement and municipal organizations in the USA. It’s based on the FJR1300A tourer and features all those things a policeman need – pre-wired connections for flashlights, siren and speakers, a taller windscreen and a radio box.

Besides the flashy accessories and the large rear box that replaces the passenger’s seat, the police version also comes with some crashbars and feet wind deflectors. And that’s it. Everything else is the standard FJR1300, a 300 kg motorcycles (fully fueled), with an in-line four engine that produces 146 hp and 138 Nm, just enough for the police to go after the bad guys.


Yamaha’s FJR1300P also comes with a traction control, cruise control, adjustable engine mapping, adjustable seat and handlebar positions, electrically adjustable windscreen and, of course, a shaft drive. However, it doesn’t feature the electronically adjustable suspensions and upside-down forks we find on the FJR1300AE and AS versions.

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