Yamaha Launches MyRide, the App Tracking and Enriching Your Rides

Yamaha launches MyRide, the app tracking and enriching your rides 1

Yamaha reveals myRide, the new smartphone app that records multiple ride-related aspects and provides a richer motorcycle experience for the user. 

Now, ride-tracking apps are not exactly a new thing, as many manufacturers have developed such software for their machines. What sets MyRide apart is that it works the same regardless of what motorcycle the rider uses, and this means its benefits are available to all the motorcyclists who own a smartphone.

MyRide is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and integrates some of their functionalities to record data. Riders can choose what MyRide tracks and records from a list of variables that includes lean angles, speed, acceleration and braking or elevation. While other bike-specific apps rely on on-board data loggers to acquire information, Yamaha MyRide uses the phone’s built-in sensors, offering total freedom.

Routes can be saved in GPX format and this means that riders can share their experience with others. And making things even better, users can also add photos taken during the trip to make the sharing experience more rewarding and enticing. All the info can be stored in the rider’s account, but sharing it on social media is only a finger tap away, if needed.

Another nice feature is that users can keep a list of the bikes they rode while the app was running. This means that taking identic routes with different bikes will yield an analytic approach to the riding manner, with the bike-specific results and differences making motorcycling an even more thrilling experience.

The current version has also been updated so users “can now filter the rides by country, length, rating, date, rider and ride name, and the rides lists can now be sorted by distance, rating, date, and length,” the official changelog states. Yamaha MyRide is free and can be used with compatible Android and iOS devices, including iPod touch.

Download Yamaha MyRide for Android: http://bit.ly/AndroidMyRide

Download Yamaha MyRide for iOS: http://bit.ly/iOSMyRide

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