Yamaha RD 350 Reimagined by Puig

Puig is a well-known brand of motorcycle components from Barcelona, Spain and also they are behind this motorcycle design rendering of the iconic Yamaha RD 350. This time around, the model is based on the MT-09 and the motorcycle was converted into a 4-stroke machine.

Puig decided to use their imagination and make a design rendering of what a Yamaha RD 350 would look like today. Thus, as a base model, the Spanish brand used a Yamaha MT-09. Instead of the original steel frame, Puig used an aluminum double beam structure. Suspension wise, this Yamaha RD 350 design rendering is fitted with an upside-down fork. The brakes are equipped with one-piece radial calipers while at the rear, the motorcycle features a swingarm with the double asymmetrical arm. Moreover, the suspension and exhaust were taken from a Yamaha MT-09. It looks like some of the components used were actually taken from the company’s catalog, meaning they are available for purchase. Other features include a flat handlebar, supermoto style, while the round headlight is fitted with LED technology.

One eye-catching detail is the conversion from the traditional 2-stroke twin-cylinder engine to a 4-stroke derived from MT-09. In other words, a modern Yamaha Rd 350.

The Yamaha RD 350 was launched back in ’73 and its production ran until ’79 when the Iwata brand presented a sportier version. It was fitted with a 347cc air-cooled, two-stroke, parallel-twin making 39 hp (29 kW) @ 7,500 rpm which was good enough for a top speed of 169 kph (105 mph). 

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