Yamaha Would Be Ready to Relaunch the FZ 750

Yamaha could be working on a new generation of the ‘80s FZ 750 sport-touring bike according to Young Machine. Rumour has it that the new bike might be based on the current MT-09 model featuring a crossplane inline-three engine making 115 hp and 88 Nm of torque.

The Iwata brand could follow the current trend of other motorcycle brands and bring successful old models back to life. It seems this could be the case for the FZ 750. Back in 2019 Suzuki focused on the Katana model, Kawasaki launched the RS version of their inline-four Z900, BMW built the R NineT Urban Scrambler inspired from the old R80 G / S while Yamaha created the XSR700 Xtribute as a homage to the iconic XT500.

Now, it seems like the Japanese media is leaking some news regarding a possible return of the Yamaha FZ 750, but this time around, the bike is based on the current MT-09 model.

This means that instead of the inline-four of the FZ750, the new bike could be equipped with the crossplane inline three-cylinder engine fitted on the MT-09. Moreover, the whole bike is rumoured to be based on the modern Yamaha naked model. So, the power delivery might be 115 hp with a maximum torque figure of 88 Nm while the engine itself will meet Euro 5 regulations.

The motorcycle’s weight could exceed 171 kg which is the figure of the MT-09 due to adding of the front fairings. As far as the frame goes the option could follow the diamond shape we already see fit on the current naked bike. Furthermore, the bodywork could have some new tweaks for the fuel tank and tail section.

At the moment there is no official news from Yamaha regarding the fact if this rumour will become reality or not, but judging from the current motorcycle market success of the MT-09 Tracer on the Italian market all is possible and we would like to see a rebirth of the former FZ 750 model.

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