Yamaha YZF-R3 Updated for 2019

YZF-R1 looks and a bunch of cool improvements

The YZF-R3 is one of the most popular A2 bikes out there, and Yamaha wants to keep it this way. The Japanese manufacturer took the expense of changing the looks and improving the front end. Now it looks sharper and a bit more aggressive, but there’s nothing changed about the engine's performance.

The big highlight for the new Yamaha YZF-R3 is the new look that brings it closer to its bigger brother, the YZF-R1. It actually looks just like the R6 from the distance, but the slimmer body clears everything out. The new lines made it a lot more aerodynamic, and Yamaha claims the top speed is increased by five mph while the engine delivers the same 42hp. Fortunately, the 321 cc liquid parallel twin has a racing background and feels enough for the 167 kg machine.


The second on the list is the front suspension system that is meant to increase the bike’s stability while keeping the comfort at the same level. The new unit will be a 37mm KYB inverted fork that offers a lot more feel and feedback from the front. To enhance the riding experience, Yamaha has revised the handlebar position and fitted the bike with a wider fuel tank. The gas capacity remains the same, 14 litres, but the ergonomics will be increased by far.

To bring everything closer to the new era, the R3 carries a new LCD dash and LED headlights. These improvements will make it even more attractive for the A2 riders in love with sports bikes. Actually, the whole package is now slicker, giving the YZF-R3 a modern touch that we can’t wait to test. The bike will hit the dealer floor next spring, and the starting price will be $4.999 for the US market. 






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