You Can Buy Your Grandpa’s Dream Bike

You Can Buy Your Grandpa’s Dream Bike 1

Brand New Motorcycle, 100 y.o. look

If you are nostalgic for the past era two wheelers, you can do more than watching documentaries. The Sterling is not a time machine, unfortunately, but it comes with a 1910 attitude. The proper name is autocycle, and the company is called The Black Douglas Motorcycle Company.

Everybody saw this type of vehicle in old movies bouncing around on muddy roads with a classy gentleman at the handlebars wearing a fancy coat and a flat cap instead of helmet.

The Sterling is the first autocycle built by Black Douglas and is already in production. The factory is located near Milan in Italy and is runed by three motorcycle enthusiasts who say that they got the idea while searching for the perfect bike. A bike that should bring up the proper feeling while cruising through the countryside, a bike that could connect you completely with the surroundings.

black douglas motorcycle 8

The Sterling comes in five versions, each of them keeping the same vintage trim. Simple yet appealing lines and details that replicate exactly the antique bike theme. From a herring can headlight and Klaxon replica horn to umbrella and toolbox. 

The comfort and safety may have some ups and downs due to the drum brakes and hardtail or spring forks, but the biggest question refers to the engine. While the frame is built in Italy, the engine is made in Taiwan and assembled in Italy. Not too classy. 

The Sterling is available with two different engine choices: a 125cc and a 230cc and a price tag of around 12.000 EUR. The whole package seems to look quite authentic but it comes with a price tailored for the rich art deco enthusiasts that won't ever buy a Yamaha MT-10. 

Or you could choose a brand-new Triumph Bonneville. Not so "aged", but retro enough for a coat. 

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