Five Ways to Improve Your Bike’s Performance

Five ways to improve your bike’s performance 1

Get the most out of your ride by following these steps

If your bike is getting old and the performance seems outdated a new bike is not always the answer. There are a few changes that will make your bike feel more powerful and more manoeuvrable at the same time. The results will be unbelievable. Here’s our list containing the most important changes that will enhance your ride’s performance:

Aftermarket exhaust and sport air filter

The usual exhaust that comes fitted by the manufacturer is specially built to pass emissions and noise regulations. The stock exhaust is practically holding down the engine power. An aftermarket exhaust will allow a better flow of gases, therefore increasing the performance.


The exhaust goes hand in hand with the air filter.  A sports air filter will increase the air flow in the admission system making the engine rev a bit quicker. The downsize of using the sports air filter and, the aftermarket exhaust combination is that your engine will run lean. On long-term use, this combo will affect the engine reliability.


Power commander or jet tuning

To get rid of mixture problems you have to install a Power Commander or perform a re-jetting on your carburettors. The Power Commander can set-up according to the type exhaust and sports filter you are using. The system practically adjusts the amount of fuel entering the engine making sure it gets the right air/gas mixture. The installation is simple and, the maps can be found online. Users have noticed a 20% increase in engine performance after fitting their bikes with Power Commander, sports air filter and aftermarket exhaust.



The motorcycle manufacturers usually gear the bikes pretty low so they can pass sound regulations. This way the bike doesn’t need to rev up to high to reach high speeds. Changing the gear ratio can get you a better acceleration or a higher top speed. For example, dropping a tooth in the front sprocket will make your bike accelerate faster but will lose top speed. The idea of changing sprockets is to make it suit your riding style and get the power exactly where you want it.


Lighter wheels

Lighter wheels will dramatically change your bike’s handling. By reducing the weight of the wheels, you will get a set of benefits that will make your ride unrecognisable. Starting with a faster change of direction due to lower mass and better suspension reaction and ending with increased grip. Therefore the lighter wheels must be on our improvements list. 


Better brakes

With increased performance, the bike will also need superior braking power. Therefore a set of braided steel line and a pair of superior brake pads will increase the stopping abilities of your ride. The brakes will get more prompt and accurate due to the braided lines. Better pads will ensure more bite and trust at every brake lever squeeze.


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