BMW R18 World Premiere Announced. the Big-Boxer Cruiser Is Coming

After two concepts, some teasing and some spy-shots, we have de date: the BMW R18 will be unveiled on 3rd of April, this year. And we’re talking about the series production bike. 

BMW’s press release announcing the unveiling doesn’t include any information about the future model. All we learned so far on the official channels is that the new engine is the most powerful BMW boxer engine of all time, with 158 Nm of torque, already available at 3,000 rpm. This is the real deal when it comes to cruiser bikes, so the horsepower figure sits at only 91 hp. 

On the unofficial way, we saw some spy photos on the internet in which we saw the R18-based motorcycle very close to its final shape. Unlike the Concept unveiled at the Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este, we’re talking about a bagger right now, that comes with bat-fairing, a speaker system and a huge TFT. More than that, it seems to have some kind of radar in the front fairing for the adaptive cruise control function. These details are pointing the fact that the future R18-derived cruiser motorcycles will have some BMW tech hidden behind the classic forms. 

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