Check Out This BMW R nineT Conversion Kit by Hornig

Check out this BMW R nineT conversion kit by Hornig 1

Everything that you need to make your R nineT one of a kind

The R nineT is one the coolest roadster on the market and packs a lot of attitude. More than that it’s built to be customized and get a more personal look. The guys at Hornig came up with a special conversion kit that will make your BMW RnineT one of a kind.

The kit consists of more than twenty products that are meant to increase the engine performance, the crashh-proof level and enhance the looks. Most of the parts are very useful for everyday use, like the Light Bomb LED headlight from AC Schnitzer, or the ABS resin mudguard that keeps the debris away from your rear shock.

light bomb

The folks at Hornig offer numerous covers for every exposed bolt on the R nineT in different colors making the frame look cleaner. The levers will also be replaced with performance ones that can handle more precise adjustments and they come in different colors. The seat is swapped whit a more comfortable unit equipped with a fluting to release the tailbone. You can choose between three seat heights, one that copies the original and a lower and a higher one.

"La piece de resistance” is for sure the Remus Hexacone muffler that comes with a more aggressive growl. The muffler is more than 2kg lighter than the original and, it comes in three finishes: aluminium, steel and black. To make everything look even more badass, Hornig is also providing you with Heat Wrap Tape that will keep the pipe's temperature lower allowing the exhaust gases to flow freely.

sitz rninet

The looks get slicker with the retro side infill that is made out of aluminium, and they look just stunning. There’s also a lateral licence plate bracket that leaves the rear end clear from any mounting brackets. Another improvement that offers a sporty touch is the oil cooler protection that will remind you of the racers back in the day.

Overall, the Hornig conversion kit is meant to give your bike a bit more attitude. The company will also provide you with all the instructions needed to fit everything by yourself allowing you to get the satisfaction of a custom, self-made machine.

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