Custom BMW R18. Bobber Version From Tank Machine

Custom BMW R18. Bobber Version from Tank Machine 1

How would you prefer your custom R18: rugged or refined?

Launched in April this year, the BMW R18 entered the cruiser segment which is Harley-Davidson’s territory. It’s the first cruiser from the German brand and of course it left the door open for customization. Tank Machine is a French workshop who released two modified versions of the R18.

The BMW R18 comes equipped with the largest boxer engine the brand ever made – a 1,800 cc making 91 hp and 150 Nm of torque between 2,000 to 4,000 rpm. It has a nickel-plated open exposed shaft just like BMW used to build before the ‘55s and a self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch to help the rear wheel’s traction when downshifting hard. In other words, it has old and new gimmicks to make it stand out from the crowd and this perhaps is a tool for custom workshops to leave their fingerprint on such a motorcycle.

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This is the case for Tank Machine who designed these two custom BMW R18 models. The dark colour scheme version is a refined bobber featuring a custom exhaust system, custom seat and fenders, upgraded braking system and an Ohlins suspension to name a few tweaks. There are no details if Tank Machine made any engine upgrades.


Moving forward to the more rugged BMW R18, this time around, the motorcycle has been modified to tackle offroad tracks. The front suspension has been adjusted, as well as the braking system which now has only one front disc brake larger than the standard ones. Moreover, the fenders and seat unit are customized while Tank Machine used a white and blue colour scheme to make the bike stand out.

BMW R18 Bobber Tank Machine

Both bikes look awesome, but we still wonder what price tag Tank Machine has for these bikes.

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BMW R18 Bobber Tank Machine 02

3 thoughts on “Custom BMW R18. Bobber Version From Tank Machine

  1. The refined bmw r18 is very nice l love it. I want to know how is the price from time machine .thank from machine.

  2. HD has always been my go to but this Tank Machine has a beautiful draft and the lines of a classic Roadster. I prefer this to a full dress but I’d like to see a BMW full dressed in this style all the same.

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