Rumour: 2021 Honda CB1000X & CBR1000R Design Renderings

Rumour: 2021 Honda CB1000X & CBR1000R Design Renderings 1

It looks like Honda could be developing two new models in the form of the CB1000X and CBR1000R according to Young Machine. With the introduction of Euro5 compliant engines, most brands will have to refresh their model range and it looks like Honda could be working on an adventure sport bike, namely CB1000X to rival with BMW S1000XR and Ducati Multistrada 1260 S.

It may be just a rumour and a couple of motorcycle design renderings, but we know that Honda updated its CB1000R naked motorcycle this year and according to Young Machine this could be the base model for the CB1000X which besides aiming to rival with the BMW and Ducati adventure sport models, the new bike could also take on Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX on the sport touring segment of the market. To do so, the Japanese bike will have to deliver some serious power meaning around 160 hp (the BMW S1000XR makes 165 hp while the Ducati Multistrada 1260 S puts out 158 hp).

Furthermore, next year the motorcycle market will have to comply with the Euro5 legislation which will enforce engines to become more eco friendly and make less noise. Thus, a lot of models will have to be replaced with new versions or receive some major updates in order to remain on the market. Also, the Honda CB1000X could be in the works if we look at the fact that the Japanese brand showcased a concept bike, the CB4X, at EICMA last year. That model was based on the naked CB650R. The CB4X is designed by Valerio Aiello and Honda also registered the patent for that crossover a couple of months ago. So, there’s a strong possibility that the company could be working on a 1000cc version borrowing the engine from the CB1000R. In other words, displacement could sit at 998cc and power delivery could be 145 hp. As far as its rivals go, the segment includes BMW S1000XR, KTM SuperDuke GT or Ducati Multistrada 1260 S.

Rumour: 2021 Honda CB1000X & CBR1000R Design Renderings 5

And that’s not all. The second motorcycle design rendering focuses on the sport touring segment of the motorcycle market. Honda CBR1000R seems to offer a good comfort level to rival with the Kawasaki Ninja 1000SX which was developed from the naked Z1000 model.

Rumour: 2021 Honda CB1000X & CBR1000R Design Renderings 6

Looking at these motorcycle design renderings from Young Machine, we have to say the CB1000X and CBR1000R look quite awesome and if Honda is working on developing these models as production bikes, we would like to see them tackle against their rivals.


13 thoughts on “Rumour: 2021 Honda CB1000X & CBR1000R Design Renderings

  1. I hope it’s a proper tourer with proper luggage capacity and a descent seat. Honda needs a competitor for the GS. The AT is nearly there if you like big dirt bikes!!!

  2. Yes, several of us have thought Honda is missing out on this category. Make sure it’s equipped with Cruise Control & Heated Seat / Grips!!

  3. I would really like to see Honda introduce a sport tourer to the line up. I love Honda’s because that’s what I started on. I am looking at the Kawasaki 1000sx but would really rather have the Honda

  4. That CBR sure looks like a great choice for my next new bike, I’m looking at the Ninja 1000SX as it’s the only real SPORTS tourer on the market nowadays, if that CBR comes with Cruise Control and a nice TFT it will jump directly to my first possible choice, so much so it would vaporize the Ninja out of my thoughts, being a lot prettier, and being an Honda.

  5. The CBR1000R looks amazing!!!! I have 2017 kawasaki z1000sx.
    If honda built it with all new fichers like the new kawasaki I’ll go for it.

  6. Canada really needs a Cbr 1000r just like this to compete the ninja 1000sx. I’m on the market for a sport tourer and the Ninja is the only option for me so far but i’m an honda guy and I think the cbr looks alot better! So please Honda make it happen!

  7. I have a z1000sx which is very nice but I would go for honda cbr1000r it looks great but it would have too done a great job too beat the z1000sx

  8. The CB1000x looks fantastic. I’ve been looking to upgrade from fireblade RRX, (20 years + old I still love it)
    There’s been nothing I fancy, until Now. I hope Honda produce these bikes very soon.

  9. I would love for Honda to produce this model, and above all that it respects the prototype that can be seen in the images.
    I am also in the market for a sport touring car and apart from the Z1000SX there is nothing worthwhile, although the Z seems very radical in aesthetics, Honda looks more classic and refined.

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