The 160 Hp BMW M1300GS. Fancy One of These?

The 160 hp BMW M1300GS. Fancy one of these? 1

BMW have claimed the M1300GS name

M is the new HP. BMW registered the M1300GS, M1000RR and M1000XR names a couple of time ago. For those of you living in a cave with the “motorbike only” sign at the entrance, M is the name of the performance division in the BMW car segment. And it seems that BMW Motorrad will also use the strong letter. 

The photo you see above is a rendering made by “Kardesign – Exclusive Motorcycle CGI concept to fire the imagination!”, so it doesn’t have that much to do with reality. However, it was commissioned by Motorrad magazine, which, besides the name registered by BMW, is another indicator that it’s not just fantasy. 

The M1300GS will be a high-performance bike based on the R1250GS. It will have for sure the same ShiftCam engine, and will come with more power, less weight, it will feature a lot of fancy stuff and carbon-fibre elements, but what we do not know is if it will be focused on street performance or if it will be an off-road star. 

The M1300GS in the picture is a sports-touring bike. The front wheel seems to be a 17-inches light wheel, the front suspension is based on a conventional upside-down fork and the brake calipers are Brembo Stylema. The headlight comes in the S1000XR style. This is the street hooligan. 

However, BMW could also come up with an enduro version of the R1250GS – less weight, less plastic, more power (not needed, but it’s an M), everything in the style of the HP2 Enduro. 

So, in our point of view, this is the question. Will it be street-focused or an enduro performer? Having in mind the M legacy, the odds are leaning towards the street side, so we’ll probably have a fast bike to compete with the upcoming Ducati Multistrada V4 and KTM 1290 SuperAdventure S, which means more than 160 horsepower and less weight. 


11 thoughts on “The 160 Hp BMW M1300GS. Fancy One of These?

  1. Dang, I really like that rendition! I have a 790 Adventure R for backcountry adventure, but I sure miss having a boxer for the street and road touring. The only concern is $$$$!

  2. I really hope Bmw makes reality of this bike. A powerful street-focused bike with 17 inch front wheel, strong. charming boxer-motor and shaftdrive!

  3. W0W….
    The beast inside the beauty…..
    Just wonder whether a rider seat will be an option….(for d bitch that is…:)

  4. Just another swoopy sport bike. The price would be such that its target demographic won’t actually buy it. As a long time biker, having owned , Harley, crotch rockets from Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda, and 2 BMW GS, I like the unique, some say quirky styling of the big GS. I hope BMW doesn’t screw it up too badly. I will buy a 2023 R1300gs if it retains the iconic “Swiss army knife” vibe.

  5. Can’t wait, love my R1250 gs rallye and may end up keeping it but definitely having M1300 especially especially if it’s street focused and with the boxer engine of course

  6. Fully Water cooled boxer !
    Just imagine how light the bike could be if the engine ran fore and aft with a chain drive .

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