Zero SR/S Electric Motorcycle Launched. Here’s the Bike

Zero SR/S electric motorcycle launched. Here’s the bike 1

It comes in two versions – Standard and Premium and it’s the brand’s first fully-faired model

Initially scheduled for an official launch on February 24, probably because of a leaked presentation video on social media, Zero unveiled the SR/S electric motorcycle ahead of its launch date. Here are the details.

Zero designed the SR/S as a sport-touring electric motorcycle and built two versions – Standard and Premium.


The bike was built on the SR/F platform. Zero has added a full fairing and designed the riding position to increase the comfort level. So, the SR/S is fitted with tall handlebars, low footpegs, a windscreen and a large seat with a 787 mm height. Zero also increased the comfort level of the passenger by fitting a larger pillion seat and lower rear footpegs.

zero sr s (1)

The Premium version is fitted with heated grips, aluminium bar ends and a 6 kWh fast charger.

The electric motorcycle’s geometry has been developed to increase the comfort level and Zero claims the updated aerodynamics improve the highway range by 13%. The mirrors were fitted under the level of the handlebars to improve the rearview.

2020_ZERO_SR S_Straight_On

The engine

Behind the fairings, the SR/S features the air-cooled ZF 75-10 engine making 110 hp and 190 Nm of torque. These figures can take the electric motorcycle to a top speed of 200 kph.

zero sr s (3)

The battery

Zero fitted the bike with the ZF 14.4kWh lithium-ion battery which offers a range of 259 km when the SR/S is ridden in the city. The mileage drops to 132 km on the highway while the combined range is 175 km both for the Standard and Premium versions. 

Zero offers on the optional list a Power Tank which can increase the combined range to 219 km.


Charging from 0 to 95% takes four hours with the 3kWh charger fitted on the Standard version (or using a Level 2 charge point). The Premium model is fitted with the 6kWh fast charger which only needs one hour to charge the battery.

new charge srs

Unfortunately, the SR/S doesn’t come with the DC fast-charger option. The battery is covered by Zero’s five-year/unlimited-mileage warranty.

The electronics

The SR/S features a Bosch stability control technology, cornering ABS, and 14 ridings modes (Rain, Sport, Eco, Street, and 10 customizable settings). 

Other features include the Cypher III operating system which allows riders to pair their smartphone with the SR/S’s computer to view the electric motorcycle’s status and location. Nice gadget!

new updates srs

Brakes & suspension

The front brakes are provided with two discs and J.Juan radial brake callipers. For the suspension, Zero fitted the SR/S with an upside-down Showa fully adjustable fork.

performance srs 2

Weight and price

The Zero SR/S electric motorcycle weight is 229 kg for the Standard version and 234 kg for the Premium model.

The price for the Standard version is $19,995 on the US market (€21,900 for the European market) while the Premium model will set you back $21,995 (€24,140).

zero sr s

The optional Power Tank will add $2,895 (€2,680) to the price tag and it’ll be available from March 1.

Zero has started to provide its dealership network with the SR/S model.

2020_ZERO_SR S_Gray_Premium_Front_3 4

new performance srs


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