2021 Honda CBR600RR – Here Are the First Unofficial Photos

Honda Japan released a video some days ago of the 2021 Honda CBR600RR. Now, we get a glance of some unofficial photos of the middleweight supersport bike according to MotoIT. Although it’s good news that the Japanese brand will release on August 21st, what might be the last generation of the CBR600RR, there is also some bad news – rumour has it that the bike is not available on the European motorcycle market due to its Euro3 compliant engine.

The launch date for the 2021 Honda CBR600RR seems set for August 21st and the bike will feature some new elements such as redesigned fairings, aerodynamic winglets, the iconic under tail exhaust system, new electronic package, but rumour has it that the engine is more or less the same as the old generation and it’s not Euro5 compliant. This means that the middleweight supersport bike will not be available on the European motorcycle market.

The technical details of the new Honda CBR600RR could be unveiled on August 21st with its debut on the motorcycle market, so we’ll have to wait and see if the engine is Euro5 compliant or not. But, until then, there are some unofficial photos of the motorcycle and we can see what to expect from the new bike.

As fas as the frame, swingarm, suspension, wheels and brakes go, they seem pretty much the same as the old version. In other words, the 2021 Honda CBR600RR could be essentially a 2007 based middleweight supersport bike with a couple of updates.

The main downside is its engine which is believed to be the same inline-four as the previous model. In other words, that engine is Euro3 compliant as Honda used until the introduction of the Euro4 anti-pollution legislation in 2016 which meant that its production was stopped on the European motorcycle market.

Engine-wise, considering that the frame and swingarm would have been redesigned at least if the 2021 Honda CBR600RR would have been equipped with a new engine, there’s a strong possibility that the new bike is fitted with the old Euro3 compliant engine. Thus, if this is true, the new middleweight supersport bike will not be available on the European motorcycle market.

All in all, we can look at the redesigned bodywork which features new fairings, twin headlights and winglets similar to the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade model. Moreover, the fuel tank is almost the same as the previous model and on the 2021 Honda CBR600RR is fitted with a front cover while the under tail exhaust system was kept to remind us of the CBR600RR iconic exhaust.  Other features that remain the same are the footpegs and brackets, or the engine design as far as we can see from the photos due to the fact that it’s covered by the fairings.

Even though the 2021 Honda CBR600RR still has a bunch of features from the old generation, there are a couple of new bits fitted on the bike. For example, there’s a new electronics package as we can tell from the photos. The controls on the handlebar (for menus and maps) and the TFT dash display the delivery management maps – ride by wire, adjustable traction control, anti-wheelie, power curve and engine brake.

Nonetheless, we still wait to see the official debut of the 2021 Honda CBR600RR, find out all its details and the price tag. Though, it will be interesting to see how it will tackle its main rivals – Yamaha R6 and Kawasaki ZX-6R.

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